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Become a contributor

Share your ideas, insights, and experiences on AEC Tech TV.

We can publish video content that you submit to us. Alternatively, we can produce your video for a fee. In that case, you get to use the video freely for your own purposes afterwards.

Currently, we have these sections available for contributors:


Guest talks for up to 5 minutes giving an opinion on a technology subject agreed with AEC Tech TV (opinions are, of course, those of the guest speaker). The item is a video recording of the person speaking to a camera (landscape format), though it may be post-edited to include short still images or video while the speaker continues voice-over.

Case Study

Guest talks for up to 10 minutes on a project subject agreed with AEC TechTV. It is suggested the subject matter is supported by slides (these could be timed to change – for example, a Pecha Kucha -style slide deck of 20 slides, each shown for 30 seconds = 10 minutes. Recorded items can be edited for length.


A short, up to 5-minute video showcasing a company’s technology, product, or service and demonstrating its benefits to the customer.

Startup Spotlight

Guest (ideally, the startup’s founder, but it could also be a customer) introduces the startup – who founded the company, when and where, what does the startup do, how does it create value for its customers. Could be video self-recorded/edited by startup on a mobile device (landscape format), or a recorded/edited interview of the startup by AEC TechTV host.


A short, up to 5-minute video tour of an ongoing construction project site, a finished project, or a company office. AEC TechTV is looking for a narrative about what technologies are/were used to deliver the project, or about what technologies are available in the office, etc. The item can be recorded on a handheld mobile device (landscape format).


In case you want to submit your own video material to us, here are the guidelines to follow.


The video material you submit to us should be in horizontal (landscape) video format, preferably 1920×1080 pixels (16:9 proportions). You can use a mobile device, a camera, or a webcam. You can also record your screen.

Pay attention to audio quality. Use a good microphone whenever possible.

Our Policies

We publish content that is related to construction technology and innovation. We’re not eager to take part in political or worldview debate. We do not publish content that is derogatory to any individuals, groups, or organizations. Nor do we publish overt sales pitches.

We make editorial decisions on whether to publish contributor-provided content and suggest edits if necessary.

We ask for non-exclusive, royalty-free rights to publish your material on our YouTube video channel and social media outlets, but the copyright to the original material remains yours. Make sure that your material does not violate the copyrights of third parties.

Upload your content

You can upload your video files using our WeTransfer link. Read the guidelines before uploading.

Schedule a recording session with us

We can do a video recording remotely on Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. Alternatively, you can come to our studio in Helsinki.