The Real-Time Construction Site

A webinar on technologies that improve productivity by 20-50%

Online on May 27, 2021, at 2pm UK Summer time

Real-time process control and management is no longer the prerogative of factories. With reality capture, IoT, data integration, and project management technologies, any construction site can achieve a similar control and foresight level.

Moreover, the technologies can be deployed by different participants for different purposes – from subcontractors to main contractors and project managers, to clients. Critical questions include participants’ willingness to share their data with collaborators to gain real project insights.

The Event’s Main Sponsors

Congrid offers a single platform to handle all quality and safety management on any construction project – improving quality and safety, maximizing site productivity, and reducing costs. From improved safety levels to reduced quality costs, Congrid introduces an entirely new way for delivering zero-defect properties and offers the industry a better understanding of what has been built and how it has been built.


Started by a group of enthusiasts within a construction company, Fira Smart aims to modernize how we build through data-drive and re-thinking. We combine high technology and best site management practices, enabling intelligent and collaborative scheduling and leading with data, seamless site-to-office processes, better construction quality, and significantly reduced lead time.


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The Webinar

The international webinar features trailblazers in real-time construction site technology.

The attendees will see and hear about practical examples of technology deployments on construction sites, from businesses that are exploring new ways of working digitally.

The Programme

Online, May 27, 2021, 2pm-4pm British Summer Time.

Welcome and introduction

  • Aarni Heiskanen, Construction Innovation Agent at AEC Business
  • Paul Wilkinson, consultant, writer, and speaker at Extranet Evolution

The paradox of “good quality documentation”,

Leading with data – At the center of all lean activities

Why we need a real-time picture of the construction site

Q&A with the presenters

  • Facilitated by Aarni and Paul

Real-time project management: the live site

Real-time construction site productivity analysis

Q&A with the presenters

  • Facitilated by Aarni and Paul


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